Canning approaches completion

The year-long disruption of bike-busy Canning Street during the major M205 water main project is almost wrapped up.

The pipe is in from end to end and bikes are back in the south-bound lane again.

And central Melbourne will have a new, guaranteed supply of the world’s best tasting tap water.

The new asphalt along Canning Street is mostly in place and is reputedly as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Although Canning Street has been reopened for southbound riders, detours will continue to direct cyclists around the work sites on Park Street and down Rathdowne Street, returning to Canning Street at Fenwick Street.

This detour will be in place until the final asphalt re-sheet works have been completed in the remaining section of Canning Street between Richardson Street and Park Street.

The section of Canning Street between Princes St and Richardson St has already received the final asphalt re-sheet.

However riders will notice a small section of asphalt around the Canning Street and Richardson Street intersection that won’t be included in the asphalt re-sheet works.

This is for the purpose of the approaching upgrade of this intersection to be completed by the City of Yarra.

The M205 project was anticipated to be completed in mid-2020, however due to minor delays, the project is now expected to be completed by the end of September 2020.

The short section in Park Street and Nicholson St will be undertaken over the next month or so.

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