New Ring Road Trail detour

The M80 trail will have an additional detour for a short period next month.

The Blaxland Avenue overpass will be unavailable beginning Monday 14 September for about a week.

Riders will be detoured along Mahoneys Road and Edgars Road, a route that normally would carry substation traffic. Fortunately traffic is curtailed currently due to Stage 4 restrictions and a special 60km/h speed limit will be in place.

There are already detours in place for this section of the trail due to the M80 upgrade project which is moving the trail on the north side of the M80, and making changes to the approaches to the overpass which bike use to cross from south to north.

The contractors are building a temporary ramp to connect the Blaxland Avenue overpass to the M80 Trail on the north side of the freeway in order to remove the existing pedestrian and cycling ramp (on the north side).

This will create space to construct the new noise walls, continue with widening the M80 Freeway and upgrade the Blaxland Avenue overpass in 2021.

From Monday 14 to Friday 18 September 2020, a small section of the M80 Trail and the Blaxland Avenue overpass will be closed to the public in order to build this temporary ramp. The closure is for five days and will be in place from 7am on Monday 14 September to Friday 6pm 18 September.

The closure will also include a section of the cycling and walking path between Wentworth Court and Blaxland Avenue, south of the M80, so that drainage can be installed whilst the overpass is closed during this period.

Prior to the closure, electronic and informational signs will be installed to inform riders and pedestrians of the upcoming changes and to advise of the detour.

During the closure, the recommended detour will be signed along Mahoneys Road and Edgars Road to connect cyclists and pedestrians between the north and south side of the freeway.

The speed limit on Mahoneys Road will be reduced to 60 km/h during the closure.

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