Another one: Sydney bike lanes keep popping up

Transport for NSW have channeled their inner DJ Khaled and added 'another one' to the list of pop-up bike lanes planned for stage two of their COVID recovery plan.

With six lanes already completed in stage one and four on the go for stage two, Sydney have added the Waverley to Woollahra pop-up cycleway (also known as the ‘Beach to the Bay Connection’) to the list – connecting Bondi Beach to Rose Bay with a continuous cycleway.

Read more about the original stage two plans here: More cycleways to pop-up in Sydney

The proposed new pop-up will run along Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach (840m) and then continue on O’Sullivan Road, Rose Bay (1630m).

Indicative images from Transport for NSW

The installation is planned on the north-eastern side of the road between the kerb and the parking spaces and be approximately 2.4m wide – with two lanes going in both directions and physical barrier between riders and car parks.

This means that the many residents that live alongside the proposed route will still be able to enter and exit their properties and cycleway barriers will not affect access to any driveways.

The design for the cycleways do not require parking to be removed, however some parking space may be temporarily interrupted during construction.

This location was chosen as an important link between the two recreational hot spots of Bondi and Rose Bay, and also offers the community a safe route to other local amenities like the Woollahra Golf Club, the Rose Bay ferry terminal and numerous local schools and places of work. It will also connect with an existing shared path on adjacent Blair Street and another cycleway on Birriga Road.

The project is set to start in approximately four weeks, with working taking place mostly during the day, however some night work may take place between 5pm and 11pm.

As with all their pop-up plans so far, the NSW government have had to act quickly to give people safer travel options. These initiatives are considered key public health measures, and therefore they have not been able consult the local communities as extensively as they normally would.

They will however continue to work closely with with Waverley and Woollahra Councils and will be listening carefully to feedback and concerns from the community.

Transport for NSW say almost half of all dedicated bike lanes in the state will soon be pop up. They credit the key to making this happen as level support and a meeting rule: you’re not allowed to say ‘no’.

Their COVID-19 pop up cycleways has meant doing what takes 4 years in just 4 months.

It's not too late for other states to follow their lead!

See the Waverley to Woollahra pop-up cycleway factsheet for more information.

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