New link through North Melbourne

Work is starting on new separated bike lanes through North Melbourne that will create a fresh link to the City.

The Abbotsford Street project will see new protected lanes along the street between Flemington Road and Queensberry Street, replacing the conventional bike lanes currently in place.

This section of the street carries the No.57 tram and is broad, with fast traffic.

The new kerbside, separated lanes are a comfortable 1.9m wide which will enable passing of slower bike traffic without undue friction.

The roll-out, expected to be completed in November, is part of the City of Melbourne’s accelerated bike infrastructure program, which combines a COVID response with the already planned climate emergency investment speed-up.

The new lanes form continuous separation along Abbotsford, which already had kerb-island protected infrastructure south of Queensberry from an earlier project.

There is real value in this link as it will be a good option for riders on Arden Street to turn into Abbotsford and connect to Queensberry Street to get into the city, and so avoid the scary angle parking outside the public housing estates further east in Arden Street.

At the Flemington Road end it will also provide a convenient connection for the Childrens Hospital workforce, and access to Royal Park paths network.

And it will be a good alternative to the Curzon Street – Harker Street route through north Melbourne—a designated freight route.

The new road configurations have resulted in the reduction in a reduction of some traffic lane approaches at intersections, and in some car parking bays.

Improvements for pedestrians have also been included in the project.

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