Wyndham promises to plug the gaps

Huge and speedily growing Wyndham City in Melbourne’s west is holding out the promise of a fix to its poorly connected bike routes.

Rapid population growth has placed great pressure on the transport network across the expansive municipality.

Journey times are stretching out as the road network buckles under the weight of everybody trying to drive on the same piece of road at the same time every day.

If only they could ride a bike to the station!

Now, with a new Active Transport Strategy 2020, this could all be about to change.

"Wyndham’s current active transport infrastructure is variable and disjointed with gaps due to varying standards over time and rapid growth,” the strategy confesses.

"Provision of high-quality infrastructure, paths and supporting infrastructure, is central to how people choose to move around Wyndham.

"When pedestrian and cycle paths are welcoming and pleasant to use, with high quality amenity, then cyclist and pedestrian numbers have been shown to increase.

"Infrastructure provision is a priority because, without improvements, the network will remain incomplete and less attractive to use.”

Wyndham says it will identify routes that build upon their existing path network, open spaces, and public transport network to provide linkages for everyday activities and movement and support for multi-modal trips.

"Western Metropolitan Melbourne includes some well-known and well-used shared trails designed for use by pedestrians and cyclists. These include longer trails of a regional scale, many of which are aligned with roads, waterways, and the Port Phillip Coastline.

"These trails provide opportunities for transport, exercise, recreation and sight-seeing to both residents and visitors”

The council says it will develop a network implementation plan will include short and long-term projects and projects of differing scale, such as new path projects that are standalone projects or can be included as part of larger projects funded by either Council, State or Federal Governments.

Key infrastructure projects include major shared parts leading into the Werribee City Centre: Geelong Road, Ballan Road, Tarneit Road/Railway Avenue, Sneydes Road and the Princes Highway.

The council also wants to complete the Melbourne Water Pipeline Reserve path: Tarneit Road to Derrimut Road, Forsyth Road Extension to Palmers Road

It is also hoping to complete the major shared paths leading into the Williams Landing station and town centre.

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