New parkiteer cages open, with one re-homed

More people can now ride to the station at Carrum, Cheltenham and Hampton thanks to new Parkiteers, installed as part of Level Crossing Removal Project works.

Carrum and Cheltenham stations on the Frankston line were rebuilt and have brand new secure bike parks, while the existing cage at Carrum was rehomed at Hampton on the Sandringham line.

Carrum and Cheltenham

Carrum and Cheltenham Parkiteers both feature 26 new premium bicycle parking spaces. These new architecturally designed Parkiteers are right by the station entrances, making it easy to make a quick dash to the platform after parking your bike.

Carrum station is situated right on the riding and walking trail which runs under the new elevated rail. The Cheltenham Parkiteer is also next to the station entrance and for extra security has a window from the PSO's office.

Another new Parkiteer is also due to open a little down the line at Mentone, which will complete the current run of upgrades along the Frankston line. The second round of upgrades on the Frankston line are due to open in 2021 at Chelsea, Bonbeach and Edithvale.

New Cheltenham Parkiteer Cage

Hampton Parkiteer 

Hampton station was the lucky recipient of Cheltenham’s existing Parkiteer, giving the station a much-needed Parkiteer. Adding a Parkiteer cage at Hampton has been on Bicycle Network priority list for some time.

Recycling a Parkiteer an low-cost and environmentally friendly way of increasing bike parking at stations that don’t otherwise have funding for improvements. It can also be done quite easily – installing the new cage a Hampton did not impact any existing bike or car parking and it’s also close to the bus interchange.

Sandringham, the next station on the line is also at capacity, and while there currently isn’t scope increase parking spots at Sandringham, increased capacity at Hampton will allow more Parkiteer users to spread across both stations.

Bicycle Network would like to thank Bayside Council for their assistance in this project.

Recycled Hampton Parkiteer Cage

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