Take care at Fed Square

Riders should be alert to construction activities on the path along the Yarra River behind Federation Square.

Work is getting underway for the installation of security measures around Birrarung Marr and the ArtPlay centre.

A row of steel bollards is being strung across the more narrow section of the Birrarung Marr promenade to prevent vehicle intrusion through an area that can attract large crowds.

The work is being undertaken by the City of Melbourne and is expected to take until early November.

Bike riders and pedestrians will be safely detoured around the worksite, but riders should be aware that pedestrians movements could be unpredictable.

A image showing the bollard worksite at Birrarung Marr.

These security measures are part of a program of security enhancements around the city being delivered by City of Melbourne in partnership with the Victorian Government and Victoria Police.

The council says: “The upgrades are being developed by security experts and designers to provide a high level of safety, while preserving the character of the area and balancing the needs of all users, including pedestrians, cyclists, emergency services and for future events in the area.”

The path through Birrarung Marr can carry large volume of bike riders, especially in the peak periods.

In normal circumstances bollards would never be chosen for use in such a location because, although a leading rider can see the location of the bollards on the path, riders following often cannot, resulting in nasty crashes.

However the risk of other incidents has caused authorities to deploy them on this occasion.

Following consultation with Bicycle Network, designs show a widened path with increased capacity to reduce congestion. Measures to increase visibility and alert riders to the risks have also been requested.

There will be a second stage of security installations at Federation Square along the frontage with Swanston Street that will starting later this month.

It is expected that those works will result in much improved facilities for bikes heading south over Princes Bridge.

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