Council election candidates quizzed on commitments

Pop-up bike lanes, 30km/h speed limits and more places for walking and riding are just some of the things that council candidates are being asked about in the lead up to elections next month.

A council election campaign has been launched by Bicycle Network to help Victorians contact candidates, get updates about what they will do to support physical activity and decide who to vote for.

Bicycle Network General Manager of Public Affairs Anthea Hargreaves said that council elections are a great way for people to influence what happens outside their front door.

“Local councils are the ones who look after our local streets and create liveable, sustainable and resilient communities full of healthy and happy people,” said Ms Hargreaves.

“The coronavirus pandemic has reminded us how much we value being active outside. This year’s council elections are a great way to make sure you can do more of that in the future.”

Voters are being encouraged to ask candidates three key questions:

  • If elected, how will you support making it easier for people to walk and ride?
  • When you go out on your bike, where is your favourite place to ride?
  • Are you satisfied with the progress being made with your council’s bike strategy?

Responses received by candidates are then published on Bicycle Network’s website and available for people to read until elections are held in early October.

People can also ask their own specific questions, including about local infrastructure projects, reducing speed limits in built up areas and adapting public space to help people be active while maintaining social distancing.

“By creating more places to ride that are separated from cars and reducing speed limits, councils can make more accessible and appealing streets that encourage riding and increase foot traffic,” added Ms Hargreaves.

“Not only does it help people live healthier lives, it can reduce congestion and benefit local businesses, cafes and restaurants who have had a tough year.”

Further information about Bicycle Network’s council election campaign and responses from local candidates can be found here.

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