Yarra lanes locked in

Yarra council on Tuesday night decided to continue it's 12-month trial of improved bike lanes on Elizabeth and Park Streets, giving people more opportunity to ride as we work through COVID-19.

Protected bike lanes were recently installed on both the west and east bound lanes of Elizabeth Street in Richmond, while a contraflow bike lane was painted onto Park Street in Fitzroy North along with other bike-friendly markings.

A contraflow lane allows people on bikes to ride against the flow of a street that is one-way to other traffic.

The council had received community feedback about both routes, with some people requesting changes and reversions to the new configurations.

However, the council has stuck fat and decided that the bike lanes will stay and be assessed during the next 12 months, with refinements made as necessary.

It's a strong call by councillors and a win for both rusted on riders and those who have taken to two wheels during the pandemic.

Elizabeth Street is the continuation of Albert Street, one of the busiest feeder routes into the Melbourne CBD, and also connects to Lennox and Nicholson Streets.

The new, physically protected bike lanes on Elizabeth will help more people ride to Richmond's high streets and into the city to work or visit impending New York-style outdoor eateries.

Recreational riders will also benefit from the Park Street changes that give relief to the busy off-road trail next to Park Street – roadies will be able to pick up the pace and dog-dodging will no longer be an issue.

If you head out and ride these routes in the near future you can forward any feedback you have to Yarra Council on Information about your experiences will help the bike lanes be tightened up during the evaluation period.

You can read more about each of bike lane projects at the links below.

See the Yarra Council meeting agenda with further details about the Elizabeth and Park Street projects

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