AusCycling ready to roll

Australia will have one governing body for all types of competitive cycling after road, track, mountain bike and BMX associations voted to form AusCycling.

AusCycling has been a long time in the making after it was originally proposed in 2019 to unify 19 separate state and national administrative organisations into a single, national body that would govern all competitive cycling in Australia.

Cycling Australia, its six state bodies, BMXA, Mountain Bike Australia and seven BMX State organisations will all be dissolved and become AusCycling.

The road to AusCycling has been a bit of a gravel grind, with not enough of Cycling Australia's state bodies originally voting for AusCycling. However, a re-vote was held last week and the required 75% of state groups voted yes.

A media release form Cycling Australia described the formation of AusCycling as "a monumental day for cycling in Australia".

"It achieves a significant change to sport governance in Australia and positions cycling for the future, creating the greatest potential to provide benefits and opportunities for all who ride a bike," said the release.

"What started as an ambitious plan two years ago to bring together 19 cycling organisations to form one new unified nationwide organisation will now be realised. In all, 16 organisations now confirmed as joining, including the three current NSOs of BMX, Mountain Bike and Road and Track."

The creation of AusCycling means that cyclists will have the ability to race all disciplines under one licence, rather than needing individual memberships or licences for different types of bike racing.

Existing BMXA, MTBA and Cycling Australia memberships will be recognised by AusCycling until the existing expiry date of those memberships. Insurance coverage will be maintained.

More information about AusCycling will be communicated by AusCycling in the coming weeks.

Click here to see the Cycling Australia media release

AusCycling an opportunity for bike riding in Australia 

Bicycle Network sees the creation of AusCycling as an opportunity.

One aim of AusCycling is to advocate and lobby for improved conditions for competitive cyclists and we welcome them as an an ally in the bike advocacy world.

Bicycle Network will continue to have the back of anyone who rides a bike in Australia and push for better conditions for all people on bikes, just like we have for decades. We know that if you get more people riding and having fun on bikes at the grassroots level, society and sport benefits.

Click here to read more about Bicycle Network's support for AusCycling

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