South Crescent Northcote pop-up lane
Northcote’s first pop-up bike lane coming this month

The City of Darebin will be installing its first pop-up bike lane along South Crescent in Northcote, a popular riding corridor between the Westgarth and Dennis railway stations.

Following community demand, the City of Darebin passed a resolution in June to trial temporary bike lanes around the Darebin area. This follows the Council’s bidding for installation of the Department of Transport’s Heidelberg Road Link.

The introduction of new bike lanes in Darebin follows major booms in bike riding around Victoria, which many believe to be associated with COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

In April, a volunteer-led survey by Bicycle Network revealed that bike riding had increased by 270% on some shared paths. As a response, the Council is trialling solutions to make it easier and safer to move around Darebin.

South Crescent is currently designated as part of the Council’s Shimmy backstreet bike network. The new pop-up bike lane will replace parking on the south side of South Crescent and repurpose the existing bike space with separated infrastructure.

The Council's data collection over the last four months has shown parking occupancy where the bike lane will be installed to be at 5%, which is equivalent to around 19 parking spaces empty out of every 20.

Installation of the new pop-up lanes is scheduled from 14 December 2020. You can find out more via the City of Darebin website. 

The City of Darebin look forward to receiving feedback once the pop-up lane is installed.

Artist impression south crescent, Northcote
Artist impression South Crescent, Northcote. Image from City of Darebin

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