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Safety audit for Scarborough Bicycle Boulevard

The third stage of the Bicycle Boulevard project in Scarborough, WA, will continue while a full safety audit is conducted at the request of local drivers concerned by change. 

The project — aiming to create a bicycle-friendly corridor between Stirling City Centre and the Scarborough Beach precinct — includes traffic calming infrastructure designed to create a low speed shared road and prioritises intersections to reduce the risk for bike riders.

Stage 1 and 2 of the project also received criticism from locals who stated: "As far as we’re concerned, they’ve taken a perfectly good road and layout that worked and they’ve made it extremely dangerous.”

It is important to note that this complaint came from a driver, lamenting for the days when they could speed down the boulevard with no concern for other road users. 

The same concerned local said the T-junction had been changed, causing drivers to be confused on who had right of way.

“For me it’s an obstacle course. I feel like everyday I’m playing chicken so that I don’t have a head-on with another car,” they told the Stirling Times.

But is it not possible that change might be for the better? 

We know that building safer bike routes is a proven way to attract more riders, helping to build a healthier and happier community. But we also know that this can be derailed if some road users are not willing to deal with a small bit of change.

Cr Felicity Farrelly submitted a motion to stop construction on Manning, Deanmore and Moorland Roads until a safety audit was completed, but Stirling councillors voted last month for work to continue while the audit is conducted.

City of Stirling infrastructure director Michael Littleton said: "This route has been designed following lengthy consultation with the community over many years on the direction for cycling, and in consultation with the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

“All 17 intersections have been changed to suit bike riders and a dedicated bike path has been built, linking stages one and two through Bradley Reserve.

“The City will continue to monitor the project during and after the works, and a road safety audit will be undertaken at the completion of the project to ensure that it meets the project objectives.”

The third stage of the project is expected to be completed in the first quarter of next year.

You can get more information about the plans and scope of works on the Stirling City website.

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