How bikes made 2020 better

We often say that the bike is a simple solution to some of the world’s most complicated problems and that was never truer than in 2020.

As a community, we came together to overcome some incredible, unforseen challenges.

For many of us, it was the humble bicycle that helped make it easier, playing a key role in keeping us happy and healthy. It became a positive outlet to channel our stress, reclaim a sense of freedom, connect to our community and appreciate what’s important to us.

While the bike didn’t solve all our problems, it certainly helped to make some of them a little better and we couldn't be more thankful. 

How our bikes made 2020 better

Our bikes kept us moving

When restrictions came into place, our bikes got us where we need to go. Thousands of us turned to the bike as a way to safely move around, explore our suburbs and get to our essential jobs all while reducing our risk of infection. It also helped keep local businesses alive and people in jobs through food delivery, bike servicing or courier services.

Our bikes kept us happy

Our bikes gave us some of our happiest moments this year. With an increased amount of time spent indoors, our bikes kept a smile on our face by offering us a sense of escapism, freedom, adventure and fun. When everything seemed out of control, the bike helped us to relax, feel normal and kept boredom at bay at a time when we needed it most. 

Our bikes kept us healthy

With our movements limited, gyms shut and community sport cancelled, we turned to the bike to keep us fit and active. Bikes became the must-have fitness item as thousands of Australians found or rediscovered their love of bike riding. 

Our bikes kept us connected

Bikes provided us with a fun way to spend time with family and friends. We took the kids for daily rides, pedalled indoors against mates from around the world and spent time with friends outdoors at a safe, physical distance.

Our bikes kept us pedalling towards a better normal 

Cities rapidly adapted their streets to make space for active transport and recreation. Government funding became readily available and infrastructure that previously took years, took weeks as new lanes popped up across our suburbs. New policies and space for people who ride helped make our streets more liveable and was quickly followed with parklets and slower speed limits.

2020 was far from normal. However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. From groups of kids pedalling in parks, to people of all ages riding the paths and trails in our neighbourhoods – there are some positives that we’d like to see stick around into the new year.

Bicycle Network is committed to ensuring that more than a fad, Australia’s newfound love of the bicycle is carried on for years to come.

The bike has given us the best chance of coming out of the horror of COVID-19 to a better normal – so let’s keep pedalling in 2021. Whether you're commuting to work, taking a local trip around town, riding to school or spending time with the family, we can keep pedalling to a better normal. 

We want to hear from you - how did the bike help make your life better in 2020? Tell us on social media with #betternormal.

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