State roads cycling projects get underway

The Tasmanian Government has started work on several projects that will provide off-road share paths on state-owned roads as part of the commitment to spend $2 million per region to improve cycling infrastructure.

Local councils were asked for ideas for paths on state roads that would make it easier and safer for people to ride and potentially fill gaps in their networks.

The councils that responded are typically those that have bike network plans for their regions, which shows how important it is to get project ideas on the table.

Surveying work has started in some of the sites to feed into the detailed design work, with the projects to be finished in the next financial year provided the surveys prove positive.

Huon Valley: Wilmot Rd, between Huonville High and Louisa Ave

An existing gravel pathway of about 900 metres will be sealed with asphalt and widened to 2.5 metres, connecting the caravan park and growing residential area of Ranelagh to Huonville High and Huonville Primary School.

Glenorchy: path to Bowen Bridge off Goodwood Rd from Howard Rd

Anyone who has ridden over the Bowen Bridge knows the road shoulder completely disappears and a road barrier means there’s no access to the bridge path if you don’t get on it further down Goodwood Rd. An existing TasWater access path will be sealed with asphalt to create a 3 metre wide path that people riding can get on at Howard Road to connect to the path on the bridge.

Launceston: Hoblers Bridge path widening

Hoblers Bridge Road is part of a popular road cycling route and also has painted bike lanes that disappear over the bridge. The bridge currently has standard size footpaths but there’s width in the reservation to expand the path on one side of the bridge to a shared path.

Launceston: East Tamar Hwy path from John Lees Dve

This one may not happen because of land ownership issues, but if it does go ahead it will provide a path off the highway to Dilston which could also eventually be linked to the current university path which ends at Newstead.

Devonport: Stoney Rise Rd

This road already has a short section of 2.5 metre wide path and this project will add two more sections: Tugrah Road to Leary Avenue and Middle Road to Durkins Road. The new asphalt path will be another step towards the council’s goal to have Stoney Rise Road connect to the Great Foreshore Trail at either end to create a loop around greater Devonport.

There may be scope for one more project in the north-west, which the Department of State Growth is still investigating.

We'll keep you updated on the projects as they progress, but keep your eyes open for local consultation if you live in the areas covered by the proposed projects.