Ride2School rolls into Devonport

Devonport school students are ready for a two-wheeled summer thanks to a Ride2School bike skills workshop this week.

Bicycle Network's Ride2School team visited Devonport Primary School on Tuesday where more than 60 students were taught riding tips and tricks, road safety awareness and how to do bike and helmet checks.

The workshop was held to increase confidence among students, help them jump on a bike during the school holidays and ride to school in 2021. Riding a bike is one of the best ways children can get their 60 minutes of daily exercise, while also being a fun social activity.

Riding skills were taught on a basic obstacle course in the schoolyard. Bike checks include learning how to make sure tyres are pumped up correctly and brakes work well.

While children can ride off-road on the pavement in Tasmania, road ready skills are also taught at Ride2School workshops. This includes signalling before turning, looking around for other people and traffic, riding through roundabouts and giving way.

The skills session was also attended by Tasmanian Senator Richard Colbeck.

Ride2School is funded in Tasmania by the Road Safety Advisory Council. The program works to break down barriers of active travel and help students get their 60 minutes of daily exercise.

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