We can see clearly now

Gone are the dark shrouds that had riders blind as they crossed The Moonee Ponds Creek on the narrow path at Footscray Road.

Now there are nothing but blue skies ahead, thanks to the rapid response of the contractors on the West Gate Tunnel Project.

As the site set-up got underway for the new bike and pedestrian bridge that is being build alongside Footscray Road, safety fencing appeared.

The problem was that the fences were covered in mesh cloth, compromising sightlines for riders coming in both directions.

It was scary to poke your nose around the curve and suddenly find someone coming the other way and drifting into your personal space.

Most construction sights are using mesh covered fencing, often prompted by government clients who want to splash project branding all over the fencing, presumably so that passing traffic will feel grateful towards our political masters.

Its usually OK, when the fence is straight and sightlines are not a factor.

But near corners it is a no-no.

Bicycle Network has been rather frequently nudging project managers to get on top of this issue over recent years, with a lot of success.

But sometimes one sneaks through, like this one on Footscray Road.

Fortunately just one call to the CPBJH Joint Venture that is building the new bike bridge solved the problem.

The riders on the Footscray Road trail, wish them bright, sunshiny days ahead.

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