Hands up who likes Heidelberg Road

Heidelberg Road's pop-up bike lane has been open for a few weeks and now you can give feedback about how much you like riding it.

There has been obvious change on the road since the state government installed quick-build barriers between the bike and traffic lanes, with people of all ages on all types of bikes dipping their feet into what was once MAMIL-only waters.

The state government would now like people who have ridden on Heidelberg Road to tell them how it went. Your feedback can be used to make adaptations to the lanes and plan successful future pop-up lanes.

As well as a general survey about riding on the pop-up lane, you can also use an interactive map to pin point and comment on specific areas.

Feedback doesn't need to be restricted to Heidelberg Road itself – you can also comment on local roads leading to Heidelberg Road where improvements have also been made.

Examples of things the government may be able to do as a result of feedback include:

  • Adjustments to bollard placement, signage or road markings to improve safety or access issues
  • Measures to help people understand how to safely get around using the new road layout
  • Providing links to interest groups and local council’s for people to gain skills and confidence in riding.

If you haven't ridden Heidelberg Road yet, you can have a sneak peek in our video below.

Heidelberg Road is the first project as part of the Victorian government's $13 million investment that will see the progressive installation of 100km of new and improved bike routes.

We don't yet know which other roads will get pop-up bike lanes and improvements under the state government project but we know that other inner city councils have also taken a proactive approach.

South Crescent in Northcote, Dawson Street in Brunswick and Kent and Northumberland Roads in Pascoe Vale are all set to have pop up lanes. 

Give feedback

Click here to give your feedback on the Heidelberg Road pop-up bike lane

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