Riders primed for Amazon
Riders primed for Amazon

Online shopping giant Amazon is so keen on bike commuting that it will pay riders to deliver themselves to work on their bikes.

This is better than free delivery!

In fact, you can be paid A$470 each month you self-deliver your bike to the Amazon bike park.

Amazon is building a new HQ in Arlington, DC, not far from the Pentagon.

There will be 600 bike spaces in the first stage of the new complex, and the company wants those filled.

And it is paying for the bike lane on the surrounding streets to be converted into protected lanes to make sure riders arrive at work in one piece.

The message even goes as far as the construction hoarding.

The special payment can be used to cover the cost of monthly bike leases, bikeshares through app-based rentals, two tune-ups per year for bicycle maintenance, or paid bike parking near public transit or Amazon offices without company bike cages.

“We are looking forward to welcoming our employees back to our offices and want to encourage them to rethink the way they get to and from work,” John Schoettler, Amazon’s vice president of global real estate and facilities, said.

“Reducing our carbon footprint is a multifaceted effort that includes building urban and well-connected campuses, designing buildings that use renewable energy, and making it easy for employees to choose public transportation over their single- occupancy vehicles.”

“We already subsidize public transit costs, but we have no plans to add telecommuting benefits as part of the commuter program.

“Our commuter benefit program is structured to support flexibility, so employees are able to continue to use their commuter benefit for days that they plan on commuting to the office.”

The new site has two metro stations in close proximity, in addition to multiple bus lines and a regional rail station.

Amazon offers transit benefits and a vanpool program to our employees,  and expects a significant number to commute via mass transit, carpool, bike, or alternate forms of transportation to the new complex.

More than half of the company's employees at its Seattle complex commute to work without a car.

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