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Bicycle Network Board election 2021

Nominations for the Bicycle Network Board election 2021 are now open. Under our Constitution, there are two positions vacant that are required to be filled.

The Board ensures that Bicycle Network is equipped to respond to the changing circumstances and situations in the external and internal environments in order to achieve its mission to promote the health of the community through the prevention and control of disease by more people cycling more often.

It is the ultimate authority in Bicycle Network and each member of the Board is responsible for Bicycle Network’s controls. These responsibilities are substantial and include law, regulations and internal controls as well as organisational liability and risk management.

The Board seeks nomination of candidates for election with demonstrated skills and relevant experience to these responsibilities.

Nomination application forms can be completed online and nominations must be received by 5:00pm Wednesday 25 August 2021.

Visit the Governance section of Bicycle Network's website for the call for nominations document and online nomination application form.


Bicycle Network members aged 18 years or older who have been members for a continuous period of at least the last 12 months are entitled to vote, as per Section 13 of the Bicycle Network constitution.

The Bicycle Network Board election and 46th Annual General Meeting are scheduled for Wednesday 20 October 2021, with further details and the official AGM notice to be communicated.