Work starting on Mt Dandenong Road

UPDATED 09/09/2021

Work on the safety upgrades along the Mt Dandenong Tourist Road are underway and some disruptions are expected.

Crews will be working simultaneously on uphill sections in Tremont between Janiesleigh Road and Churchill Drive, and between One Tree Hill Road and The Crescent in Sassafras.

There will be a lane closure on sections of the road in Tremont and Sassafras between 7am and 5pm on the following dates:

From Monday 6 September to Friday 10 September

From Monday 13 September to Friday 17 September

The length of the lane closure will be kept short to minimise delays. Traffic controllers will be on-site to help traffic continue moving in both directions.

Depending on traffic volumes, it is expected work will stop works during school holidays, from Monday 20 September to Friday 1 October to support local communities and tourism.

The project—that puts 1.5m sealed shoulders on certain uphill sections of the road—has been delayed because of the impact of the severe storms across the mountain recently.

The move by the DoT is timely as once winter is over there will again be significant numbers of riders on this road.

The sections selected for treatment are Tremont between Janiesleigh Road and Churchill Drive and Sassafras between One Tree Hill Road and The Crescent.

These sections were chosen due to the risks created when impatient drivers encountered riders at slower speeds on uphill sections.

The new widened shoulders will enable riders to drop into single file to be clear of congested traffic.

These options were selected after extended consultation with Bicycle Network and AusCycling, and following detailed technical evaluation.

There will also be improvements to existing drains, and installation of new drains that are designed to better manage stormwater flow.

This should also help mitigate the accumulation of debris on the shoulders.

In the Tremont section the Victorian Government will also be delivering an upgrade of the Olivette Avenue and Devils Elbow bus stops to improve safety and accessibility for all users.

This upgrade will be built to accessibility standards and include pedestrian fencing, retaining walls, pram crossings, and tactile ground surface indicators.

The Sassafras section will also involve a minor realignment of the road, bus-stop upgrades and new driveways for residents.

Two new meet-up/catch-up rest areas for riders will be installed near the intersections at One Tree Hill Road, and The Crescent.

These locations have been chosen based on rider feedback on how they travel along Mount Dandenong Tourist Road and adjoining climbs.

These rest areas will provide cyclists with a safe, off-road place to rest and recharge, or wait for others, before continuing their ride.

The rest areas will include sealed surfaces, benches, workstations, and bike racks.

Opportunities for further treatments were limited by local opposition to any trees being removed as part of the project.

The area contains some of Australia’s tallest and most magnificent trees. Alas, the storm in June removed large numbers of them.

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