Pascoe Vale bike lanes to stick around

Protected bike lanes on Kent Road and Northumberland Road in Pascoe Vale will be kept for the time being after Moreland council voted down a proposal to rip them out by the end of the month.

The lanes were installed earlier this year as a trial to form part of the council's Coburg to Glenroy Bicycle Link and connect to each other via a new shared path in KW Joyce Reserve.

The trial was planned to last for 12 months, which would give council time to properly asses how the bike lanes work. A full year is needed as climate, weather patterns, school terms and daylight hours change throughout the year and will all have an effect on people’s choice to ride bikes.

Councillors Oscar Yildiz, Helen Davidson and Helen Pavlidis voted to remove the lanes by 31 August, however six other councillors knocked back the motion.

An alternative motion to redesign but maintain the protected lanes on Kent Road was successful, with the council to receive a report with further detail at its September 2021 meeting.

Thank you to the many Bicycle Network members and bike riders who contacted Moreland council to share their support for the Kent and Northumberland roads project.

You can read more about the importance of 12 month review terms in Bicycle Network's recently published a guide for monitoring and evaluating new bike lanes.

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