Napier Street works underway

Riders on Napier Street through Fitzroy should be alert to roadworks taking place along the busy connection to the city.

The Department of Transport is making a number of changes to the two-kilometre route including the introduction of speed humps and raised pedestrian crossings.

The project is also making extensive use of bike stencil markings and what are described as ‘advisory bike lanes’, concepts that have only proved successful in limited contexts.

Napier is popular with riders because it has lower traffic volume and speeds, and although it has some problems with car parking in places, riders manage this by riding further towards the centre of the road than usual.

Stencils indicating people should ride closer to the parked cars are therefore unlikely to be effective.

Construction is estimated to last around 10-12 weeks, with working hours 7am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. Occasional evening activity is possible until 6pm and some Saturdays between 9am and 3pm.

Some local streets will be closed for short periods, with local detours in place.

Meanwhile the DoT pop-up bike lane team has undertaken improvements to the awkward intersection of Napier Street with Queens Parade.

Those changes look promising, and it is hoped more permanent improvements will follow in due course.

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