Ten years of bike count data for public use

Bicycle Network has launched its Super Counts data dashboard, an online interactive portal containing ten years of bike volume data.

The data comes from Bicycle Network’s ‘Super Counts’ program, which comprises two annual counting events: ‘Super Tuesday’, a two-hour count of bike commuters during a morning in March; and ‘Super Sunday’ a four-hour count of people undertaking recreational activity (bike riding, walking etc) during November.

During each event, hundreds of volunteers take to the streets to count bikes and other active travelers at a given path or intersection.

Since 2010, the Super Counts program has collected over 15,000 pieces of count data, spanning across 3000 locations and 125 council areas. All data between 2010-2019 is now available to the public.

The data dashboard will provide planners, researchers, students, media and the general public with valuable bike data for promoting bike advocacy.

You can visit the Super Counts data dashboard here.

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