AI-based road counts to begin in the City of Port Phillip

Bicycle Network have partnered with the City of Port Phillip (CoPP) and London-based tech firm Vivacity Labs to launch the first AI-based sensors for counting traffic in the Port Phillip area.

The new sensors will measure bike rider, pedestrian and motor vehicle movements and assist CoPP in providing well-informed solutions for increasing active travel.

The sensors, installed along key traffic corridors in the Port Phillip area, use artificial intelligence and machine learning to collect anonymous data on different modes of travel in real-time.

The traffic data offers startling insights on road behaviours, such as the interactions between pedestrians, cyclists and cars, and provides insights on factors such as volume, the path each user took through the intersection and their speed. This technology allows us to understand how the whole of the road is being used by all road users.

This state-of-the-art project will allow CoPP to understand how various road users interact on specific roads and junctions.

Bicycle Network CEO Craig Richards says: “These AI sensors have the power of a thousand people holding clipboards and pens. It gives us real-time information along a full road, not just one site, helping us understand how all road users interact.”

By understanding how bike users are moving around, CoPP will be able to optimise bike infrastructure plans and determine the best outcomes for riders in the area.

James Hill, International Business Development Director at Vivacity Labs, says: “Our partnership with Bicycle Network will go a long way in providing detailed and accurate transport data insights to help ensure the right decisions are being made to improve travel patterns in the City of Port Phillip. We’re extremely proud to be supporting the implementation of initiatives that encourage active travel, cycling safety and lower pollution levels to help maintain sustainable streets in Victoria, and across the globe.”

Learn about Bicycle Network's AI-based road surveys (AIRS) service here.

You can also learn more about Vivacity Labs' AI sensors here.

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