Handbrake released on Park Street project

The project to upgrade the streetscape in Park Street in South Melbourne and include better bike facilities is rolling again after being stalled by local opposition.

The project will now go to public consultation before being finalised.

Park Street has previously been identified as an active transport link to connect the Moray Street bike to St Kilda Road and the forthcoming Domain Station.

The concept has been contained in various strategies and masterplans that have been through consultation previously.

Now, the tram route on the street is being upgraded, the new station is being built, new bike facilities are coming to St Kilda Road, and the Department of Transport pop-up lane crew are running their tape measure over the precinct.

So earlier this year the streetscape project was packaged up and brought to the council so that it could piggy-back on the investments already being made or proposed for the same precinct.

At that point, some locals took fright at the idea bike infrastructure in the street and the brakes were applied.

This week the project came back before the council where it was proposed that the plans go out for public consultation.

Again, there was local angst. The opponents not only wanted to deny a voice to those in favour, but they also apparently didn’t want an opportunity to be consulted about their own opposition!

Fortunately, the councillors voted 8-1 in support of the officers' recommendation.

The Park Street Streetscape Improvement Project, including the temporary protected bike lane, has been allocated $2.215m allocated in the Council Budget.

The intention is for the consultation to get underway as soon as possible and the results reported back to the council before proceeding to design and construction.

The draft concept design document is here.

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