October 2021

Spain plans slow passing laws

In an innovative move to improve the safety of bike riders on roads across Spain the government is planning to introduce slow passing laws.

The Little Vic – it’s just as Great!

Bicycle Network has announced that the 2021 Great Vic Bike Ride will be transformed into a four day event from 31 March to 3 April 2022 – rebranded the Little Vic.

Perth-Fremantle shared path extension opens

A new 2.1 kilometre section of shared path along the Fremantle train line that gives riders and walkers a safe, off-road route to travel between Perth and North Fremantle has opened.

Dutch Reach becomes law in UK

Changes to British road rules will now require motorists to adopt the Dutch Reach technique when opening doors, to protect people riding bikes. Should we do the same?
Box Hill to Hawthorn

Unboxing: Hawthorn to Box Hill Trail

The feasibility of the proposed Box Hill to Hawthorn trail along the railway corridor has been confirmed, with progress now dependent on future funding announcements.

Improve road safety in Wyndham

The City of Wyndham—the huge municipality in Melbourne’s burgeoning west—is developing a road safety strategy, and you can help.