Swan Point-Launceston trail on the cards

In good news for northern riders, the West Tamar Council is looking to expand its trail network to better cater for people riding for transport and recreation, including a commuter trail from Swan Point to Launceston.

It has released a Trails Strategy and is asking people which of the proposed trails should be prioritised.

The strategy has a focus on active transport links, in line with the council’s vision for the area and also seeks to create trails which would be used by tourists as well as locals for recreation.

It is looking to fill the gaps in the current trail network by extending and building new trails and upgrading existing trails.

This is a long-term plan for what would be desirable for the region rather than an action plan for the council, which is why the council is asking which work should be prioritised.

Shared trails

Shared trails being proposed would be 2.5–3 metres wide, sealed with asphalt or concrete and have low gradients.

Some of the proposed trails are an upgrade of what’s there, such as the West Tamar Fitness Trail, or construction of an existing informal trail, such as the Riverside Trail, but others involve starting from the beginning, such as the Legana Foreshore Trail.

It would be ideal for the council to prioritise sections of trail which cater to the highest number of users and advance its sustainability goals by encouraging active transport.

The shared trails being proposed which could be used by people riding include:

  • Beaconsfield to Beauty Point Foreshore Trail
  • Exeter to Gravelly Beach Link *
  • Gravelly Beach Trail
  • Grindlewald Lakeside Trail
  • Kelso Foreshore Trail
  • Legana Foreshore Trail *
  • Little Swan Point Trail
  • Rosevears Trail *
  • Swan Point Trail
  • Riverside Foreshore Trail *
  • Trevallyn Nature Recreation Area Trails
  • West Tamar Fitness Trail *

* These are the top five trail sections which would make up a continuous active transport link through residential areas down to Launceston.

On-road recreational routes

The strategy also considers formalising some of the on-road cycling routes which are popular with confident recreational riders and highlighting other possible routes for touring riders with painted bike lanes.  

Most of the routes the strategy identifies would require major roadwork to expand sealed sections of road to provide enough space for the recommended painted bike lane widths, so would be dependent on future road upgrades.

These cycling routes include:

  • Clarence Point Cycling Trail
  • Legana Loop Cycling Trail
  • West Tamar Cycling Trail
  • Western Tamar Valley Cycling Trail.

Have your say on top 5 West Tamar trail priorities

West Tamar Council is asking people to rank their top 5 trail priorities before 15 November.

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