New shared path to connect Fairy Meadow and North Gong

The Wollongong City Council is asking for feedback on a new shared pathway along the Princes Highway, between Guest Avenue, Fairy Meadow and Station Street, North Wollongong.

The proposed shared path along the Princes Highway will help link up existing shared paths and cycleways, as well as shared paths planned for the future.

Wollongong City Council Director Infrastructure + Works (Acting) Joanne Page said: “The aim of this project is to connect Fairy Meadow to North Wollongong. This new proposed shared path links to the existing paths that connect North Wollongong Station to the University of Wollongong, the Innovation Campus and the Coastline Cycleway along Montague Street.

“At the same time, this project will also set us up for the future, as we’ve identified that a shared path will eventually be built along Elliots Road, to connect the Fairy Meadow village centre to the coastal cycleway.”

You can provide feedback on the council website, where there is also an interactive map.

As part of the feedback process, the council will also contact local businesses to discuss how the proposed shared path can integrate with the footpaths outside their businesses.

Construction for this section of the shared path is expected to begin mid-2022, after community’s feedback and insights are finalised.

“Access to good cycling infrastructure such as shared paths, are an important way we can make our communities more accessible for everyone. Shared paths are great for pedestrians and cyclists and offer convenient transport routes for people travelling in and around their community,” said Ms Page.

“We want to encourage more members of our community to feel confident to ride a bike, regardless of their level of ability. Not everyone is comfortable riding a bike on the road with traffic, so shared paths and cycleways are a solution that everyone can make use of.”

Feedback closes 5pm Monday 15 November 2021.

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