Sewer works on Gardiner’s Creek Trail

Melbourne Water tomorrow begins work on the preliminary stages of a major rehabilitation project of the Gardiner’s Creek Sewer Main.

Site investigations will be underway over the next four weeks and short detours will be required where maintenance holes are in the intersections or pathways.

Traffic management will be in place to assist riders and pedestrians.

The section of the creek where the projects is taking place begins at the Burke Road exit (outbound) of the Monash Freeway, then follows Gardiners Creek to Warragul Road Ashburton.

Main works on the 2.7km section start early next year and will take 12 months.

Riders will be kept inform of any other disruption to the trail during this works.

The rehabilitation of the sewer project will involve cleaning, installing a watertight liner and undertaking any necessary repairs in and around the maintenance holes, and constructing temporary and permanent access tracks to maintenance holes.

The investigations over the next month will assess the current condition of the sewer to help the planning for the relining works.

All maintenance holes will need to be accurately measured to determine what equipment can be used. This involves crew entering the maintenance holes with measuring devices. Some maintenance holes will require scaffolding to be set up around them to create a safe work space. Some may require multiple visits.

Some vegetation will need to be removed or pruned to provide safe access to maintenance holes. A detailed assessment will be carried out at each site to limit the amount of vegetation removal required

Odour will be present when opening and accessing the maintenance holes.

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