Volunteer spotlight – Anthea MacDonald

We're shining some light on our amazing volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring our most popular events, like the Great Vic Bike Ride, to life.

Meet Anthea

What motivated you to start volunteering on the Great Vic Bike Ride?

I had some time off work due to an injury and was trying to find purpose without work. I had always wanted to volunteer and attended an information session. Plus it sounded like a holiday to places I’d never been. I find it’s at the perfect time of year before Christmas before it gets busy. I can also pick up a few gifts from the communities along the way. 

Tell us a bit about your role on the lunch team

As part of the lunch team I often do the special diets so vegan and gluten free options, plus helping to stock up the standards to keep the lines moving. I enjoy being part of the lunch team as I am a morning person and enjoy seeing part of the rider route, where the riders go. It’s also a unique setting that we transform in time for the truck with the food to arrive. We also love to celebrate at the volunteer evening that Neil Warren finds a theme (even if there’s not one) for the team to dress up bananas, 80’s and fairies in Port Fairy. 

What is your favourite thing about volunteering?

The friendships you make based on the person not their age and getting to catch up each year. 

What is your most memorable moment of volunteering on the Great Vic?

Last year we endeavoured to try local cheeses along the way before dinner most nights. 

I suppose the weather has been pretty memorable like finishing early in Maffra because of the rain and floods. The dusty last night in Glenrowan and being blown away at lunch in at a fire station at St Helens. 

What advice would you give to someone thinking about volunteering?

It’s a great holiday you don’t have to plan, you get fed and watered. It’s very unique, that makes you appreciate the moment for the places and people along the way. It’s kind of addictive. 

Thank you Anthea! We can’t wait to see you back on an event with us soon!

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