Do you live in a ’15 minute city’?

You may have heard the terms ‘15 minute cities’ and ‘20-minute neighbourhoods’ being thrown about when it comes to town planning and making cities more ‘liveable’.

The idea, in a nutshell, is that a person’s daily needs (groceries, transport, leisure) can be undertaken by walking or cycling from their home, instead of travelling across the city in a motor vehicle.

It’s a way to improve quality of life, invigorate communities, pedestrianise shopping districts, and overall enhance the liveability of our cities.

France have lead the way here, most recently making a pledge to transform Paris into a 15-minute city. The Victorian Government have opted for the ’20 minute neighbourhood’ structure, and have made it part of the Plan Melbourne strategy, which will guide the growth of the city into the future.

So how does your neighbourhood compare?

The app below allows users to type in their location and will make an assessment as to whether it fits the quintessential 15-minute city components.

If you live in Richmond (Victoria): congratulations! You live in a 15-minute city.

If you live in Richmond (Queensland): sorry, you’re not quite there yet.

Give it a go! Type your location in the search bar and see if it fits the criteria.

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