Photo-luminescent lines are looming

Trials are underway to evaluate the latest in photo-luminescent line marking on trails that don’t have lighting to illuminate the path.

By the look of the photographs it might be the answer.

Trails through bushland—while a wonderful riding experience on a warm night—require good bikes lights and intense concentration.

The bush seems to soak up the light from the bike, and it can be difficult to distinguish the path edge in the gloom, especially when leaf litter accumulates.

A glowing line down the centre of the path could make the difference.

The Federal and Victorian governments have funded a trial of the lines in a new trail in Bendigo.

It looks and functions like ordinary line marking in daylight but emits stored light enhancing its visibility to road users when dark.

The same material is also being trialled on road signs in various locations. The product was developed by Australian company OmniGrip Direct.

So far it seems that the darker it is the better the effect. Where there is plenty of ambient light the lines appear more muted.

The Bendigo Creek Trail treatment is from Nolan Street, around Lake Weeroona to Howard Street Epsom.

Photoluminescent lines along Bendigo Creek.

City of Greater Bendigo Engineering Manager Ian McLauchlan said: “With lighting unaffordable and impractical at a lot of locations, it is believed that photo-luminescent line-marking may provide a cost-effective solution to assist users to safely navigate roads and pathways in low light and night-time conditions.

“The Bendigo Creek Trail is a very popular and well-used shared used path in Greater Bendigo and the line marking is expected to enhance the useability of the path both during the day and at night."

Public lighting can be expensive in certain locations, and even where possible, cannot always be used because of the need to protect the environment for nocturnal wildlife.

If you know of any other locations where you think this treatment could be beneficial, let us know and we will pass the information on to those involved in the project.

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