Main Yarra Trail disruptions

Works on the Hoddle Bridge over the Yarra River are expected to result in minor disruption to bike traffic on the Main Yarra Trail over the next month.

Both the trail on the north bank and the trail on the south bank will be impacted.

On the south side the path under Hoddle Bridge will be periodically closed, and riders will be diverted up to Punt Road at Alexandra Avenue where they can cross at the signalised crossing.

On the busier north side, the path will remain open, but with one lane closed at times with traffic management in place.

Riders will notice scaffolding and coverings over the work areas.

The works involve removing the deteriorated coating on the bridge structures and recoating the surfaces.

The dates where the path will be impacted include:

North Path – 15/02/22 to 25/02/22

South Path – 28/02/22 to 04/03/22

South Path – 22/03/22 to 04/04/22

North Path – 03/05/22 to 11/05/22

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