More railway station disruption

Bike riders who ride to or through railway station precincts have more disruptions to contend with during February, this time in the west and north.

Buses will be replacing trains on certain days between North Melbourne and Sunshine and also Sunshine and Sunbury as two different rail upgrade projects get underway.

This means that considerable numbers of buses will be entering railway station precincts, loading and unloading passengers, and in some case driving between stations on streets that bikes might use.

Additionally, car parking is considerably reduced in some locations, that could potentially cause traffic congestion nearby.

Closest to the City, North Melbourne Station will see additional bus stops in Dryburgh Street and Railway Place on February 23 and 24 from 9pm to last service and February 25 from first service to 9pm.

At Sunshine the bus disruption will be on the west side of the station on February 21 to 27 either from first service to 9pm, or from 9 pm to last service, with various bus stop configurations.

Watergardens and Sunbury stations will also be affected on the same dates.

In a separate exercise, buses will replace rail service between Sunshine and Sunbury on the weekend Saturday 19 February, 1am to last service Sunday 20 February, with particular impacts at Sunshine, Watergardens and Sunbury.

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