Moonee Valley pop-ups plan reveals big win
Moonee Valley pop-ups plan reveals big win

UPDATE: The installation of pop-pop bike lanes planned for Mount Alexander Road in Moonee Ponds has been delayed.

It has emerged that utility companies have works scheduled at points along the route for the trial in the coming months.

And because the lane construction will between the two shopping districts at Moonee Ponds Junction and Buckley Street, which will be hectic in the lead up to Christmas, the work will now occur in the slack period in January.

"Mount Alexander Road is a key route used by buses, trams, cars, bike riders and pedestrians, so it’s important we find the right balance, the Department off Transport says.

"Rescheduling will allow us to carry out additional data collection and consult further with key stakeholders to ensure the best outcome for the local community, public transport, and road users in the local area.

"We will continue to trial up to 20kms of new and improved pop-up bike routes, which will help support local cycling connections to schools, recreation and activity centres across Moonee Ponds, Essendon and Travancore.

"Works are currently underway on local streets to install light-touch treatments, focused on improved safety and connectivity, such as speed cushions, line marking and wayfinding signage."

The Department says it knows that there is strong support for the trial pop-up bike lanes on Mount Alexander Road will continue to work closely with residents, businesses, and all transport users to make sure the new routes are a good fit for the needs of the community.



After years in the waiting, the proposed bike facility on Mount Alexander Road from Essendon to Moonee Ponds is close to being realised.

The proposal for proper bike lanes along the massively wide boulevard near Queens Park was identified more than a decade ago and detailed studies were undertaken in 2012.

The 1.5km section of road has lanes that are underused by cars, providing the ideal opportunity for better bike lanes.

The move has emerged now because the State Government’s pop-up bike lane initiative has reached Moonee Valley, with a group of proposals being placed on public exhibition.

The Department of Transport is planning to install up to 23kms of new and improved pop-up bike routes around Moonee Ponds, Essendon and Travancore.

In addition to the 3km of pop-up bike lanes on Mount Alexander Road, an additional 20kms will connect to existing bike routes, stations, schools, local activity centres, green spaces and Melbourne’s CBD.

The proposals also provide alternatives to the busy Moonee Ponds Creek Trail with a new route along Myrnong Street and Pattison Street through Travencore.

There is also a connection from Mt Alexander Road to the Trail via Vine Street, presumably in the hope that riders will choose Vine rather than the busier Dean Street one street over.

There is another connection to the trail further north that uses The Strand, Murray Street and Salisbury Street.

As there are numerous schools in the Essendon region there have been some improvements proposed for Park Street and finally some treatments for the connecting north-south route along Locke, Cliff and McPhail Streets.

Although the obvious bike connection from Park through to Sherborne Street to the Essendon Station in Rose Street is missing from the plans.

You can comment on the proposals here.

Another map is here. Click the Moonee Valley drop down menu.

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