Garden City Links in full bloom
Garden City Links in full bloom

Riders through Port Melbourne now have great new bike connections to get through the Garden City and Beacon Cove neighbourhoods.

The new links on Beacon Road and Swallow Street provide a low stress route to the Sandridge Trail and the Bay Trail and to the Garden City Reserve.

There is an off-road bike path along the nature strip on the western side of Beacon Road between The Boulevard and Howe Parade.

And an off-road bike path along the northern side nature strip of Swallow Street between Garden City Reserve and the Sandridge Railway Trail.

Several much-improved road crossings were included in the project. Traffic lanes are now narrower and lower speed, improving safety for all road users.

It is notable that this project was funded by a Federal Government Local Roads Community Infrastructure grant. The Morrison Government is not renowned for its enthusiasm for active travel, so this is a positive sign.

Also notable is the fact that the project required the removal of 30 car spaces. If the Morrison Government can see the sense in removing car parking for bike lanes, hopefully some of the ‘progressive’ councils in Melbourne's inner north will follow suit.

This project is one of a series of local active transport upgrades in the City of Port Phillip planned for delivery over the next decade.

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