Queensland slows down e-scooters
Sunshine state slows down scooters

Queensland has introduced top speed reductions for e-scooters to reduce the risk of accidents with pedestrians.

Hire scheme e-scooters currently have a top speed of 25kph on the road and footpath, but that will soon be slashed to 12kph pm footpaths. They will also introduce a safety education campaign and mandated warning devices, such as a bell.

The ABC reported that "last week police in Brisbane issued 84 traffic infringements during a 12-hour operation targeting dangerous e-scooter use in the CBD and Fortitude Valley."

High-risk e-scooter offences, including drink and drug driving penalties will be created through legislative reforms and the state will improve data recording and injury reporting.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said: "The rising popularity of e-scooters is a clear sign they aren’t going to disappear.

“We are seeing far too many injuries in e-scooter users that are the result of speeding and many pedestrians feeling unsafe on footpaths."

Some bike riders have voiced concerns that slowing down e-scooters on footpaths will lead to more congestion in bike lanes, where e-scooters will still be able to travel at 25kph. 

Bicycle Network encourages all riders to be vigilant and patient trough the transition period, and is hopeful that any congestion will be monitored closely and trigger investment in more places to ride.

The government has not announced what the fine will be or how speed limits will be enforced.

Feature image from Space4Cycling BNE

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