UK report claims e-bikes are the answer to net zero

A new report by The Bike Storage Company outlines some promising hints for how we can better decarbonise our transport sectors: a major mode shift to e-bikes.

The report focusses on in the United Kingdom, where transport is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. The Bike Storage Company report proclaims that, in its race to eliminate emissions by 2050, the UK government will need to step up its game in the active transport sector and motivate the masses to hop on a bike seat.

The nuts and bolts

The report makes the following recommendations:

  • Invest £2 billion over five years with goal of 50 per cent of trips being active travel by 2030
  • Delivering a world class bike and walking network by 2040

And if the United Kingdom choose to accept this mission, they will get the following perks:

  • £1-4 billion gross value add
  • 40,000 – 100,000 jobs support in 2050

And of course the biggest benefit of all: dramatically reduced emissions.

E-bikes: the silver bullet

The report offers a glowing portrait of electric bikes as the sustainable solution to our greenhouse gas emission woes, and with good reason.

E-bikes can be ridden anywhere it is legal to ride a bike, which in the UK includes means roads and most paths. There is no licensing, no registration, no road tax, low cost maintenance, and (perhaps the most enticing for the average punter) no fuel costs.

It’s no wonder e-bike sales are through the roof.

As we’ve discussed this week, bikes and e-bikes are becoming an increasingly sustainable option amidst global fuel price woes. Not only do they offer a world of savings, they empower the individual to take emission reductions into their own hands, literally!

By hopping on the handlebars, we can make the change. Let’s hope our governments come to the table as well.

You can read the report here.

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