Footscray Road path remains open during road closure

Special works on the elevated roadway above Footscray Road will close the road, but not the trail, during the nights this coming weekend.

The westbound lanes of Footscray Road are to be closed and detoured between Friday 25 March and Sunday 27 March 2022, 9:00pm to 5am.

The works will install bridge segments on the new Footscray Road elevated roadway.

To date the huge Segment Launching Gantry has been constructing the elevated road span by span, however changed construction methodologies will be used at intersections.

Westbound general traffic is being diverted via Dynon Road.

Port traffic is being diverted between Appleton Dock Road and Dock Link Road via Appleton Dock Road, Coode Road through the Port of Melbourne and Dock Link Road back to Footscray Road.

This means that all the detoured Port traffic will turn across the path of any bikes in both directions on the Footscray Road bike path where it crosses the Appleton Dock Road intersection at the top of the ramps

Riders should be acutely aware at this crossing as the left turn slip lanes are uncontrolled and trucks drivers frequently fail to use indicators when intending to turn.

Similarly, there is a left turn slip lane out of the Port where Dock Link Road exits to Footscray Road westbound where the path crosses that intersection.

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