Moreland releases draft 10-year bike spend
Moreland releases draft 10-year bike spend

The City of Moreland has released a draft of its 10-year capital works program for bike projects.

Almost 30 initiatives large and small have been identified across the municipality that are proposed to be delivered wholly or in stages over the next decade.

See the list here.

Funding costs, from external and/or council sources, total around $11.5M.

Projects include the Harding Street Bridge replacement over the Merri Creek Trail, the Craigieburn Shared Path, Glenroy Road Shared Path, the Blyth Street Bike Corridor and the O’Hea Street bike path extension.

The draft works plan has been released for public comment. You can submit your feedback before the consultation closes on 12 April 2022.

Moreland says its 10 Year Capital Works Programs for Walking and Cycling aims to improve walking and cycling routes in Moreland for all abilities, fix gaps in the network, and address any risks or problems.

The plan is divided into two, with each project tentatively allocated to one half. It is a rolling plan, and as projects in the programs are completed, new projects are added.

The council reviews these programs every three years to ensure prioritisation of the right projects and community input.

"This is an initial consultation to gauge opinions on our network, gain feedback on the projects in the programs, and identify new projects that could be added,” Moreland says.

"We will engage with the community further on each individual project outlined in the programs that is adopted to understand and address community ideas, opinions, and concerns."

Consultation is open until 12 April and the findings will be reported back to the council in May this year.

There are three pop-up briefing sessions:
  1. Saturday 26 March 2022, Victoria Mall, Coburg (Library end),11am to 1pm
  2. Thursday 31 March 2022, Bonwick Street, Fawkner, 10am to Noon
  3. Tuesday 5 April 2022, Morgan Court, Glenroy, Noon to 2pm

Make sure you go to the consultation page and fill in the survey and make any comments on the drop-pin map.

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