Help Launnie shape recreational & city plans

Launceston City Council has city and recreational plans out for public engagement in the coming weeks.

A Smart City survey shuts on Friday 17 June and covers your personal comfort with digital technology as well as your support for initiatives such as public e-scooters and e-bikes, free public wi-fi and using IT to improve services such as car parking, traffic conditions and bins.

Launceston is already part of the one-year trial of e-scooters but is yet to include e-bikes in that trial.

You can also answer similar smart cities questions as part of consultation for the broader council Tomorrow Together project which is aiming to achieve a “social, inclusive and fair” city.

Public comments from this consultation will be used to develop the following council strategies:

  • Health and Wellbeing Vision
  • Public Open Space Strategy
  • Trails and Networks Strategy
  • Urban Tree Canopy Strategy
  • Smart City Strategy.

The council is asking people to fill out a survey before 8 July that covers being active, your favourite public spaces, increasing the number of urban trees, improving play spaces, and smart cities questions.

There are also questions about the trail network which will be used in the development of a Trails and Networks Strategy.

You are asked to choose your top five priorities for what you want the council to concentrate on as well as being given space to detail what you want to see:

  • Well-maintained trails
  • Places to rest
  • Places to sit
  • Increased shade or tree canopy
  • Access to water stations
  • Bicycle or scooter maintenance stations
  • Wider paths (2.5 metres shared path width)
  • Separated paths for pedestrians
  • Car parking
  • Bicycle or scooter parking
  • Lighting
  • Links so people can walk or ride a bicycle to parks
  • End of trip facilities, like bicycle washing areas, maintenance stations, rest stops or BBQs
  • Improvements to gradients
  • Improvements to surfaces

To make sure your cycling priorities are included in the feedback, head to