Bikes should be part of the plan

Bicycle Network will be calling for bike parking to be mandated in new apartment buildings and workplaces in its submission to the government’s five-year review of the statewide planning process.

“The State Planning Provisions take us backwards when it comes to helping people to ride a bicycle for transport,” Tasmanian Public Affairs Manager Alison Hetherington said.

“Interim planning schemes require bike parking for employees that is secure, undercover and not accessible by the public.

“But under the state provisions developers just have to supply hoops outside the building.

“When people lock up their bikes and head off to their day or shift at work they want to be sure their bike is there when they finish. If they are forced to lock it up in the street it might be enough of a deterrent not to ride.

“Making it easier for people to ride a bike for transport makes sense in urban areas, especially for people moving into new apartment buildings.

“Many of the new apartments that have been approved or built are perfectly positioned for people to ride to get around but the state provisions do not require bike parking or provide guidance on what it should look like.

“We’d like to see greater direction in the state provisions about where cycleways should be built and what they should look like to ensure people of all ages and abilities have the option of riding to school, work, services and shops.

“Designing our streets to make it easier to ride and walk can help people get that much needed daily physical activity into their lives. Not to mention reducing greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, traffic congestion and providing a low-cost transport alternative,” Ms Hetherington said.