More bother with bus replacements

Riders who take their bikes on Melbourne’s trains have more disruptions ahead as various transport improvement projects temporarily close lines in the coming weeks.

Buses are replacing trains on a number of lines, and replacement buses do not carry bikes (bagged Brompton excepted).

Note these dates in your diary:

  • Hurstbridge Line between Heidelberg and Greensborough, services after 8:30 pm until last service over long weekend Friday 28 October - Monday 31 October and following  weekend Friday 4 November - Sunday 7 November.
  • Pakenham - Cranbourne Line between Caulfield and Westall, 8:30 pm until last service, for four nights, Monday 24 October - Thursday 27 October; then for four nights Monday 28 November - Thursday 1 December; then one day Sunday 6 November -  Monday 7 November.
  • Sunbury (North Melbourne to Watergardens) and Williamstown (North Melbourne to Williamstown) services after 8:30 pm to last service over weekend Friday 14 October to Sunday 16 October.
  • Upfield line between North Melbourne and Upfield, one night 8:30 pm to 7:15 am, from Saturday 22 October - Sunday 23 October.

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