Sharing the road a message worth promoting

Media Release       

The government’s new road safety campaign promoting care for people riding bicycles is a welcome step in promoting the message of sharing our roads, Bicycle Network spokesperson Alison Hetherington said today.

“We’re all just Tasmanians trying to get from A to B, it shouldn’t matter what method we use to get there,” Ms Hetherington said.

“Whether it’s driving a car, riding a bicycle, catching a bus or walking we all want to get home safely to the people we love.

“This Road Safety Advisory Council campaign reinforces the message that you are not passing a “cyclist” on the road, you’re passing a person who is a member of your community.

“The person riding that bicycle might be your doctor, your child’s teacher, your neighbour or your best friend’s cousin.

“With close to half of Tasmanians riding a bike at least once a year, most of us ride or know someone who does.

“Most Tasmanians drive responsibly, but this campaign just reinforces the message to be careful around people riding because we are so vulnerable on the road.

“Tasmanians responded well to the Distance makes a Difference campaign and we hope they’ll also embrace the sentiment of “we’ve all got someone to get back to,” Ms Hetherington said.


Alison Hetherington represents the Tasmanian Bicycle Council on the Road Safety Advisory Council and helped inform the new “we’ve all got someone to get back to” campaign.