Curvy path at Parkdale

Level Crossings Projects has released refined designs for the new rail station and section of trail along the elevated rail through Parkdale.

While the new Parkdale station precinct is bold and geometric, the proposed shared path is, well, endlessly curving.

Somewhere there is an engineer who hasn’t heard that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line!

The State Government is removing two level crossings at Warrigal Road, Mentone and Parkers Road, Parkdale as well as building a new station at Parkdale.

It has wisely chosen to elevate the rail along the corridor, providing opportunities for an important trail link, greater local permeability, and new public open space underneath the rail bridge.

Elevated rail as part of the level crossing removals has resulted in great outcomes for communities across Melbourne.

Bike and walking paths are the perfect match for elevated rail, adding tremendous value to these rail projects.

These paths are usually relatively straight, only curving when they have to get around something immovable.

But in these latest Parkdale plans a section has been deliberately meandered so that more trees can be fitted in closer to the roads. Could be a worthy outcome.

The designers will need their calculators out however, as there are critical guidelines regarding sight lines and stopping distances at intersections with other paths and crossings that will have to be considered.

Also uncertain at this point is how the design will allow for connections to other local routes, as well as the connections for this strategic cycling corridor through to Mordialloc.

The project is seeking community input on the new designs.

You can ask questions, provide feedback and attend in-person or virtual information sessions.

The full details can be found here.

Works are due to start in 2023 and the project completed by 2025.

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