The most common bike crash locations in Adelaide

The RAA has been conducting its Risky Rides survey, which has shone a light on the suburbs where bike crashes are most common.

Some preliminary findings published on RAA’s website reveal that the overwhelming majority of crashes occur in the Adelaide CBD. The number of crashes is nearly four times that of the second location, Norwood.

The ten suburbs with the highest bike crash numbers tend to be either inner city or beachside suburbs. The high crash numbers at these locations are intimately related to the local traffic volumes, which likely increases the rate of crash exposure.

These findings are consistent with previous Melbourne-based crash reports prepared by Bicycle Network, which found that most crashes occur in the Melbourne CBD.

Although your likelihood experiencing a bike crash is very low, it remains extremely important to minimize crash risks by understanding common crash characteristics, including location and the existing infrastructure in place.

In this year’s Risky Rides survey, RAA is asking participants to nominate up to five gaps on your regular rides which lack bike infrastructure. RAA will then use the results to advocate for safer infrastructure.

The Risky Rides survey will continue until 8pm October 17. You can participate in the survey here.

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