Planning starts on new Ringwood link

A vital bike connection ion coming to the Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre with planning underway for the missing link along Bedford Road.

The project forms part of the larger Ringwood to Croydon Connect project, connecting Ringwood Station to Croydon Station by bike.

This project will also create the essential link between the Box Hill to Ringwood bike path and the Heathmont Rail Trail.

The City of Maroondah has issued a draft path design for public comment here.

The proposed two-way path will be on one side of the road, elevated and separated from traffic and from pedestrians, connecting to the activity centre, nearby schools, and the local bike network.

The existing bicycle facility along Bedford Road are shared bicycle/parking lanes. The lanes have insufficient width for bicycles to pass parked vehicles within the lane, causing a stressful riding environment in which riders need to merge into the traffic lane to pass parked vehicles.

The City is encouraging bike riders, local residents and the wider community to provide their feedback on the draft functional design, (available to view and download.

Construction of the bicycle path and Bedford Road modifications is currently unfunded.

Subject to feedback received, the City would advocate and seek external funding opportunities to secure the funding to construct the project.

The functional design proposes:

  • High quality off-road bicycle path to enable bike riders of various abilities to safely travel along the north side of Bedford Road.
  • Retain footpath on the north side of Bedford Road to maintain separation and safety for pedestrians.
  • Widening of the north side of the road to accommodate the separated bicycle paths and footpath.
  • Constructing kerb on the north side of the road to cater for the bus stops.
  • Improved landscaping and beautification of Bedford Road.
  • Reconfiguring the road area to accommodate 3.5 metre wide traffic lanes for cars and buses, and a 2.5 metre wide parking lane on the north side.
  • Removing the parking lane from the south side of Bedford Road and constructing 9 indented parking spaces on the south side.
  • Removing existing substandard bicycle lane infrastructure.
  • Minimal vegetation removal and utility services impacts.

Consultation closes on Friday 11 November 2022.

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