Kerferd Road lanes back on agenda

Kerferd Road is no longer a cursed road as far as bike lanes are concerned with the Shrine to Sea project re-starting investigations into a decent bike facility for this vital connection.

The street was to have been subject to a temporary pop-up bike lane treatment, but that plan was stymied by political opposition.

But Shrine to Sea—a project to bring a unified boulevard to the road alignment between the Domain gardens and the beachfront—is still on the case.

It has extended the options being considered to include a detailed evaluation of five different bike lane and road configurations to ensure no opportunity is overlooked.

"We continue to work closely with our project partners Department of Transport (DoT) and City of Port Phillip (CoPP) to create a safer environment for all road users,” the project states.

"We’re responding to the safety issues represented by recorded crash and near miss data that informed the project objectives along with the need to create safer spaces that support more people using active transport choices.

"Kerferd Road is noted as ‘one of the highest priority corridors’ for boosting cycling in CoPP’s Move, Connect, Live; Integrated Transport Strategy 2018-28.  It has also been identified as a C1 State Significant Cycling Corridor (a subset of the Principal Bicycle Network) in DoT’s Strategic Cycling Corridor Network Overview 2020."

The project says traffic modelling at key intersections along the boulevard is being finalised to ensure the proposed designs will work in well with the surrounding traffic network.

"The objective of this process is to identify the optimal design for Kerferd Road which we will be included in the Shrine to Sea masterplan to be released for public comment in the first quarter of 2023.

"Following a community consultation period via Engage Victoria, feedback will be collated, and amendments made before the final masterplan is released later in 2023."

Meanwhile, greening the boulevard proceeds, with early tree planting has continuing.

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