Top 10 reasons to join the catering team on the Great Vic!

1.You’ll have plenty of time to explore the towns we visit

On the catering team you’ll have a breakfast shift and a dinner shift – the rest of the day will be yours to do with what you wish! Whether that be exploring the local sights, enjoying a coffee in a local café, going for a swim or simply relaxing – the choice is up to you!  

2. Meet new people and make new friends

As part of the catering team, you’ll get to interact with hundreds of amazing people! From the many riders that will pass through the breakfast and dinner queues over the course of the week, to your 50+ fellow catering teammates – it’s almost impossible to walk away from the Great Vic without new friends!  

3. Be where the action is

Based in the Great Big Catering Marquee, the heart of the Great Vic campsite, you’ll be right in the thick of where all the action happens each evening.

4. You can ride in the event and volunteer on the catering team

Already purchased a ticket to ride the event but wish to lend a hand in your spare time? The catering team is a great option – as a riding volunteer you’ll be helping in the evenings when the team is at its busiest. To repay you for your help, we’ll give you a 30% refund on your entry fee after the event. For more information on becoming a riding volunteer click here.

5. No experience is required!

No experience? No worries! The catering team is open to people of all abilities and all experience levels – whether this is your first-time volunteering, or whether you have years of experience, you’ll be welcomed with open arms! 

6. You’ll have amazing Team Leaders!

The catering team leaders Margaret and Janette are two of the Great Vic’s most incredibly dedicated volunteers, who know all the ins and outs of the catering team operations and the Great Vic as a whole. You’ll be in amazing hands having Margaret and Janette there to show you the ropes and support you throughout your time on the event. 

7. Be part of a diverse team!

From the young international student looking to get a taste of the Victorian countryside, to the retiree who wants to continue to share their experience and skills post-retirement – the catering team is the most diverse team of volunteers on the event!

8. Build your resume!

Are you a student looking for something valuable and unique to add to your resume? By joining the catering team, you can gain a valuable insight into some of the behind the scenes operations of a large-scale event while at the same time, providing hospitality to up to 3,000 riders.

9. Volunteer with friends!

Coming along with a group? The catering team is perfect for friends or family who wish to volunteer with each other on the same team. No matter how big your group is, we can ensure you’ll all be able to volunteer together on the catering team!

10. Feel good knowing you helped up to 3,000 riders enjoy an iconic event!

Keeping our riders fed is one of the most important roles on the Great Vic, and without our amazing catering volunteers, the event could not go ahead. We can guarantee that when the week is through, you’ll head home with a sense of satisfaction knowing you helped pull off something extraordinary!

Interested in joining? We’d love to have you on the team! 

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