Bike organisations call for National Electric Vehicle Strategy to include e-bikes

Bicycle Network has joined other organisations across Australia in the call for e-bikes to be included in the National Electric Vehicle Strategy.

The federal government released its National Electric Vehicle Strategy consultation paper. The document outlines the government’s strategic direction for growing the nation’s electric vehicle transport system and, in turn, meeting emission reduction targets.

The consultation paper was released for public feedback in late September.

In a joint submission sent this week, bike organisations argued that e-bikes, e-cargo bikes and micro-mobility should be included in the Strategy.

There are a few reasons for making this argument:

  • A diverse transport system requires a multi-modal Strategy – there is no ‘smoking gun’ for a truly sustainable transport system. All options should be the table, and to omit the two-wheelers, which are classed as ‘light electric vehicles’, would be a massive oversight.
  • More than half the trips made by private vehicle are less than 5km – a 5km return trip can easily be performed using a bike. For trips involving the carriage of goods, cargo bikes can be a great solution.
  • Our national ‘bike fleet’ is already well underway – a record 1.75 million bikes were imported into Australia in 2021, and e-bike purchases are currently outpacing electric vehicles!
  • Emission reductions from bikes dwarf those of electric vehicles – For example, a Tesla Model S electric vehicle, charged on the Victorian grid emits 209.1 grams of CO2 per kilometre travelled (PKT), whereas an e-bike emits only 6 grams of CO2 PKT.

For more detail, you can read the full submission here.

The submission was signed by We Ride, AusCycling, Bicycle NSW, Bicycle QLD, Bike SA, Pedal Power, WestCycle, and Bicycle Network.

Consultation for the National Electric Vehicle Strategy closed on 31 October.

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